Photography is my first love. I now view it as an essential online language, when wanting to interact on the internet. I use film & digital cameras daily & am an advocate of mobile photography.


Since the emergence of mobile photography I have been experimenting with the iPhone, which has enabled me to have a greater understanding how it can be used in today's business & eCommerce.


Today it is impossible not to be influenced by social media. Having used it from it's emergence, I am now able to tutor businesses & entrepeneurs on best practice, to prevent overwhelm & get results.

“Contrary to popular belief, I am not the hypnotist Paul McKenna…”

I've now been employed as a photographer for over twenty-five years, since starting out at the Herts & Essex Observer in Bishop’s Stortford, whilst still at Newport Free Grammar School, Essex. From this important grounding in the industry, I made the leap to Fleet Street, London where I worked photographing News, Royal Family and Entertainment events, which included terrorist bombings, Princess Diana’s Funeral & many, many film premieres & press launches. During this period, I was also the set photographer at The Big Breakfast and T.F.I. Friday on Channel4 TV & was lucky enough to photograph live events to promote the shows in the media. In my spare time, I continue my obsession with photography, shooting portraits and reportage on a regular basis. My photographic influences are Richard Avedon, David Bailey, Henri Cartier Bresson, Annie Leibowitz, Stephen Shore & William Eggleston. A few years ago I began using Lomography cameras as a challenge to myself to take better pictures. Using those plastic cameras has brought me forward to today & the explosion of mobile photography & social media, that now dominate our lives.


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